Never Forget Where You Came From



I’ll never forget the day when people filled the streets of Tehran

People who looked like me, demanding for freedom

I watched from above, oceans away in another country

We can never forget where we came from.

They could never win this battle without us

Our freedom of religion, press, assembly and expression

Are all tools we can use to help them

We chose to leave, and they chose to fight

Remember the important things in life

Never forget where you came from.

I am one of the lucky ones.

My dad chose not to risk his life fighting Saddam

And chose instead to go to the United States and get an education

The people have started a revolution

Demanding for democracy, freedom and social justice.

We cannot just sit and wait and hope for the best

While our country, our home suffers under a religious dictatorship

Those are our brothers and sisters being detained for simply asking where their vote is.

We can do so something

Raise awareness. Use the rights we have that they don’t, to make a difference

We are the same people. The same roots. The same blood

We can never forget where we came from.


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