Founded Fall 2013, the Journal for Social Justice asks Lewis & Clark College students:

“What does social justice mean to you?”

The Journal aims to highlight student work relating to a variety of social justice issues and serves as a platform to unite theory with practice.

The Journal is funded in part by the Lewis & Clark Finance Committee.

~OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS until February 12, 2016!~

 We are looking for work from any and all members of the Lewis & Clark community (students, faculty, staff, alumni, etc.) to be published in print and/or online. The Journal for Social Justice is not tied to any academic departments or student clubs or organizations, but is rather hoping to collect and highlight work from an array of Lewis & Clark community members to foster an intersectional discussion of social justice issues as they are manifested in the world both beyond and within Palatine Hill. We welcome community members to submit work that has already been completed (such as for a class) or that is created specifically to be published in the journal. We anticipate receiving a variety of media forms, intellectual positions, and execution styles to publish an aesthetically-striking, new student-run publication that showcases the vibrancy and thoughtfulness, as well as the flaws and areas of concern in our community.


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