Table of Contents


  1. Letter from the editors
  2. Sueños sin Fronteras/ Alex Perez
  3. No Estás OlvidadoAnna Dagget
  4. Black Noise, White GirlLibby Howard
  5. Carrying the Flag: An Exploration of White Privilege, Social Justice and Macklemore Ted Jamison
  6. Thoughts on Social JusticeElijah Probst 
  7. I Ain’t Second to None/ Vince Singer
  8. Anxieties of Place and Mind: Reevaluating Social Justice OverseasDevon Snyder 
  9. Spistraat, AmsterdamKim Bui 
  10. Exploring the Travesti Community in ArgentinaSofia Knutson 
  11. People First Language / Allison Curtis
  12. Labels / Michael Daellenbach
  13. The Alexandria / Libby Howard
  14. Brad / Marc Steiner
  15. Caro White / Kristina Nelson
  16. Ten Reasons to Fight the Prison Industrial Complex Using A Queer/Trans Analysis / Anna Svoboda-Stel
  17. The Cultural and Legal Criminalization of Queer Bodies / Anna Svododa-Stel
  18. Recommended Reading / Anna Svoboda-Stel
  19. Cultural Heritage and Religious Freedom in China / Beth Szczepanski
  20. Culturally Responsive Caring / Tala Al-Mangour
  21. Perspectives on Gender Equality in Islamic Law / Hans Faye
  22. To Madiba / Osamu Kumasaka
  23. Arizona: A Prison Economy / Anna Daggett
  24. Autonomía / Anna Daggett
  25. Policy Proposal to Eric Holder: Restrict the Use of Solitary Confinement on Incarcerated Juveniles / Joyce Iwashita
  26. Never Forget Where You Came From / Anonymous
  27. “Why We Play Basketball”: The Importance of Sport in the Native American Community / Katherine Quaid
  28. The Political Thinkers of Our Generation / Caroline Gray
  29. The Whole Truth / Celestina DiMauro
  30. Collaboration Through Education: Uniting Students with Unionized Workers / Caleb Diehli
  31. “Yes We Can” / Kristina Nelson
  32. Statistics for Justice: Breaking Through the Cycle of Inspiration and Neglect by Educators in the Community / Leo Qin
  33. Interview / With Brian Lindstrom
  34. Good Intentions Are Not Enough: On Listening, Fucking Up, and Having Hard Conversations / Danielle Blechert

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